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Every year around this time everyone is so excited about the changing of the year. The out with the old in with the new philosophy. People are setting goals to be better in every aspect of their life. Every business from weight loss to real estate begin to see an increase in sales. The harsh reality is that no one is really taking a look at what matters, and then making a decision to follow through no matter what.

Each year people spend so much time and money in purchasing homes, cleaning their credit, finding or starting the right career, sending their kids to college, purchasing clothes and food, and etc. Not one time thinking about what if this opportunity was taken from me. As quickly as you swipe your card, fill out an application, or complete those papers for your career someone is snatching the most precious thing away from you which is your identity. Every year over 1 million people are affecting by the fastest growing white collar crime which is IDENTITY THEFT. This crime aff…