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Denial should have been listed as the #1 reason for obstacles or hinderences in obtaining financial success. If one stays in denial then the process of becoming financially successful could never take place. See denial is clearly the fear of not wanting to admit the truth. Denial will cause you to do the blame game and consistantly stay in an unproductive mode. We are all expected to be successful, but we can't if we don't acknowledge the issues that are keeping us from our goals. Most of us spend a lifetime chasing money and power. We chase it in our jobs, in our businesses, and with our friends. In this new calander year embrass not the need of money, but the urgency of fulfilling your dreams and destiny. Fulfilling your dreams and destiny is far more rewarding and fulfilling than money could ever be in your life. Money is only the evidence of your success, but not your success. What have you been living for? Have you been living just to say you have become rich, but yet fin…