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My Last Day, I QUIT!

How many times have you said those very words? How many times have you felt overwhelmed, under qualified, unappreciated, not good enough for the task, just plain out ineffective? We have quit so many times in our minds due to circumstances, emotions, thoughts, and outside influences that we can not count! As a matter of fact although we think we have only quit in our minds for that moment we don't realize the seed that we planted in our own minds which is the seed of quitting and failing.


In life whatever the journey that we find ourselves on we must remember that the journey is not by our hand but the hand of the Most High God. He wrote the book of our life with plans, strategies, and outcomes. He knew who He created us to be. However we fall into the trap of our emotions and other's opinions that we fell to realize that although the journey seems impossible and we appear to be incapable, we have already successful…
This is for those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You find yourself repeating the same cycles or going in the same circles hoping that things will be different this time but all you find is the same turmoil and disappointment. Financial freedom and prosperity requires work and understanding. We have been taught a lot of bad habits that has caused havoc in our financial lives. If you want to change your financial life take a listen to the financial truth.

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Stop Playing!

Last week one evening when I had made it home and began bringing my work day to a close, I noticed that I had a miss call from my bank. As I proceeded to call my bank back a recording came on to say, Ms. Harper there has been some activity on your account that has alerted our fraud department. It went on further to ask if these transactions were mine and if not press 2 to speak to a representative. At that moment my heart almost stopped because those transactions were not mine. After speaking to the representative my card was cancelled and a new one was reissued. In that split second my life and my family's lives could have been adversely affected.

Although what happened to me is an example of account takeover, I was extremely blessed that it did not go any further. Every year millions of people are affected by this number one growing white collar crime that even the government is unable to get a grip on, and that is identity theft. This crime takes over your entire identity. Thes…

True Debt Freedom!

Over time we have been taught that debt freedom is being absent of consumer debt such as credit cards, loans, and etc. More simply put owing no one. However if you reflect over that statement of debt freedom it really is not possible. As a matter of fact you will always have some type of debt. You will owe your mortgage company/landlord, your utility companies, insurance companies, and etc. How could we expect to no longer have debt? Why are we chasing a made up existence? Why is it that the rich could care less about debt? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I am going to shed some light today on this whole "debt freedom" thought process. Debt freedom is possible however it is a mind shift not a money shift. Let's breakdown the phrase debt freedom. Debt, according to Google is something, typically money, that is owed or due. Freedom, according to Google, is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. When we put the …