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Watch Where You Are Going Before You Fall!

As I was driving from one appointment to another I began to reflect on some mistakes that I had made in my past. As I was reflecting over the mistakes, I began to become low and started feeling those same remorse feelings that I felt when I had done the deed at least a year prior. I then began to hear myself say again, I will never do this again and I began to put thoughts in my head of what I was going to do and etc. I got so engulfed in that place again that it literally felt only a few days old. As I continued on my journey another thought came that reminded me that what you are trying to become you already are. How perplexing that was! As I thought about just that one statement I began to reflect over the in between period of my fall to my today and I realized that yes I had become that person that I vowed I would be. However there was still a problem. That problem was, I could not see the evidence of the new me. Because I could not see the evidence I begin to question why can’t I…

Make Up Your Mind

So realizing that when the pressure from a crisis hits, our decision making becomes real cloudy. I remember making one decision one minute and changing it the next minute. My confidence was at a low. I was trying to understand how did I get myself in this type of mess. I literally questioned every choice that I made at that point from my business, relationship, and finance.

Once I was able to get a grip. I started reflecting on "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways". Double minded meaning wishy washy in thoughts or deciding one thing one minute and something else the next. Here is another example, easily swayed away from their decision because someone else comes by that seems like they know what they are doing and easily changes their mind. When in a crisis don't second guess yourself stay firm in the decision you are making whether right or wrong. Those decisions are building your foundation which will establish you or bring stability.

I am a firm believer …