Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Last Day, I QUIT!

How many times have you said those very words? How many times have you felt overwhelmed, under qualified, unappreciated, not good enough for the task, just plain out ineffective? We have quit so many times in our minds due to circumstances, emotions, thoughts, and outside influences that we can not count! As a matter of fact although we think we have only quit in our minds for that moment we don't realize the seed that we planted in our own minds which is the seed of quitting and failing.


In life whatever the journey that we find ourselves on we must remember that the journey is not by our hand but the hand of the Most High God. He wrote the book of our life with plans, strategies, and outcomes. He knew who He created us to be. However we fall into the trap of our emotions and other's opinions that we fell to realize that although the journey seems impossible and we appear to be incapable, we have already successfully achieved the end result.

The beauty of this all is the glory that the Most High receives from our lives when we allow Him to navigate us through life and proclaim us to be these great people, but at the time of calling us these things we are no where close to being. How could the world know God for His transforming ability, His love, His faithfulness, His grace, and His mercy if they never see an example? We are a masterpiece of God's!

I remember in 1990's after I quit college was working on my second child driving home I heard God tell me that I was going to teach on credit and finance to young adults. I laughed and tried to reject what I was hearing. Only to say look at me, my credit is jacked up, I don't have a college degree, what qualifies me to do that? Later I had two friends to tell me that they saw me in all white on stage speaking to women. Again I rejected it because I didn't feel qualified. I actually responded and said oh ok. As time began to pass I found myself teaching at risk youth financial independence and leadership skills. I hosted a women's retreat that help change the lives of some very important ladies in my life. See God doesn't use the ones that look the part or the ones that already know what to do and how to do it, He uses those that seem the least likely. It was not by happen stance that we were chosen for these journeys that we are on, He hand picked us. Transformation is never easy, it will always require you to let go of your comfort zone and everything you thought you knew. You will loose friends, people will look at you as a failure and or beneath them, those that say that they believe in you because they have seen you in action will be so far from you that you feel alone. You will loose things and a lot of times you will feel like you will never see the end. You will question why are you doing what you are doing. You will truly wonder did God purpose me for this or am I just doing this out of my own will. Jealousy will try to creep in because it will seem like everyone else is getting it but you. You will from time to time believe the negative thoughts and words of yourself and others.


Who are you to quit? Jesus didn't when He felt the weight of the world in the Garden of Gethsemane! Although He wanted to quit, He understood that His journey wasn't about His feelings. His journey was about His Father. We say so much that we love the Lord, but loving Him is never quitting! He never leaves us nor forsakes us so let's not leave or forsake Him.

Building a business, building a ministry, or just being a sales agent testifying on a product or service that you believe is not easy and is definitely not for the faint at heart. You must have stamina, endurance, and hope to get to the finish line. Because you will make it. It is not about being the first in line to get there, but it is about finishing to allow the glory of God to prevail!