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Emotions and Bad Teachings Poor Habits

The 7 obstacles that hinder financial success are:
  1. Emotions (fear being the biggest emotion)
  2. Poor teachings and bad habits
  3. Lack of preparation
  4. Not being honest with oneself
  5. Lack of strong support system or team
  6. Lack of drive (consistently fighting with depression and oppression)
  7. Timing (not willing to patiently work towards your purpose/goals)
Understanding how each obstacle plays a role in your life allows you the ability to begin your process towards success.

FEAR is huge in people. It creates excuses and causes all kinds of mental blocks. It is the biggest contributing factor towards doubt and low self esteem. Fear takes the living out of life. It causes you to become a robot with no real attainable dreams. Overcoming fear is determining what are you fearful of and go ahead and deal with it.

Poor teachings and bad habits causes you to be stagnant in your process. Decide who is worthy of you following. Shadow after only those that are going in the same direction you are or at least made it to where you want to be. Be prepared to work hard at breaking these. Many of us have developed these bad habits as children and grew into adulthood with them. All things are possible including this journey to freedom. 

We all have purpose inside of us with our destinies already planned. Life is a great experience! 


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